Brochure 2020

HSPT-Reno Recruitment Brochure, 2020!

Large file attachment – not mobile phone friendly unless on a WiFi connection

Please review the two-page brochure below. As shown, it is with no-folds but remember that it will be machine folded into a standard triple-fold brochure on glossy heavy-weight paper.

This is a lower resolution PDF file (43MB) version of this design but it is still a large file. The print-ready version is a very large file (246MB) which is normal for the print world. I do not recommend downloading and printing on a home printer as it will use a lot of ink.

The file below is a PDF embedded here on the website. This PDF viewer only shows one page at a time. Please hover over the document with your mouse and a navigation bar will appear on the bottom of the frame. Click the arrow to get to page two or back to page one.

Please let me know (Charley B.) if you have any questions or concerns. I hope that I found all of my typos but just in case, give me a holler if you find a foo-bar! Thanks!