COVID-19 Updates for Seniors

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Food For Thought!

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Bonus Mental Health Tips

Tips on staying sane while social distancing during our current quarantine lifestyles to get safely through this pandemic. Click here to read this SAMHSA Publication No. PEP20-01-01-007 in PDF format.

Nevada 211

Do you know someone in their golden years who is in critical need of health services, food, medicine, or other help? Nevada 211 provides service referrals to seniors in need.

Nevada CAN is focused on maintaining the quality of life for the 454,221 homebound elders in Nevada. Keeping elders safe from exposure to the virus, while ensuring they are well-supplied, have access to medical and social services, and remain free from isolation is our top priority.

In this unprecedented time many people who have never had to ask for help may have to turn to others for help. We want to make it easy for you to find and ask for the things you need to keep yourself safe at home.

Nevada CAN will connect you to a local provider, volunteer, or government agency to meet your needs. Just complete this form and tell us what you need.

Nevada 211 Seniors