Spirit of ’76

Sons of the American Revolution

110th Annual Nevada State Society Conference

For you history buffs out there, you will be interested in this event happening April 3 – 5, 2020 at the Atlantis Casino Resort. Two keynote speakers will be talking about their historical expertise in this era of the American Revolution for Independence from Great Britain. This is the part of the annual conference of the of the Nevada State Society and the Battle Born Patriots Chapter – The Sons Of The American Revolution.

First, on Friday evening, Professor Dean Snow, author of 1777: Tipping Point at Saratoga, will talk about this significant defeat of British and German forces by our fledgling American fighters.

The second speaker, Bob Drury, co-author of The Heart Of Everything That Is: Valley Forge, will talk about the significant turn around forged by General George Washington and his advisers and the story of survival of a beaten back American army.

HSPT point of contact for further information about these events is Richard D. He is a lifelong member of Sons Of The American Revolution and a rich source of information. For more information about the keynote speakers, see the links below.

1777: Tipping Point At Saratoga

Author and Professor Dean Snow will talk about his book, the significance of this upstate New York battlefield, and the course of the Revolution for American Independence from Great Britain. From Benedict Arnold to 33 days of bloodshed, Dr. Snow reveals the events.

The Heart Of Everything That Is: Valley Forge

Co-Author Bob Drury will take us a tour of this important chain of events, the horid conditions of our ragtag band of Revolutionary fighters, and how they turned this near defeat around to insure victory against the British. Attend this talk and learn this compelling period of events in the history of our founding.