Split Infinitives

13 grammar rules that changed since you were in school


Here is a light hearted look at what we may have been taught in the 50’s 60’s, and beyond that are no longer considered grammatical errors. This is from the website Considerable.com by Arika Okrent

Back in the 19th century, some grammar teachers had a problem with the word reliable. It doesn’t properly fit the pattern of adjectives ending with –able. If you can be loved, you are lovable. If you can be persuaded, you are persuadable. So what can you be if you are reliable? Can you be relied? No, only relied upon. The word should be relyuponable, but that would be ridiculous. Use trustworthy instead.

Reliable has since been fully accepted by even the strictest of grammar teachers.

13 grammar rules that have changed since you were in school